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Medication-Induced Anxiety, Insomnia, and Heart Palpitations Solved

Low Testosterone, Iron Overload, and Brain Fog Solved

15 Years of IBS and Psoriasis Solved with Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Solution – Crohn’s, Infertility, and Thyroid

SIBO Cure – Functional Medicine

Chiropractor to NPGL Champions

Chronic Shoulder Pain Eliminated – Trigenics

40 Year Frozen Shoulder Reversal – INTRO – Trigenics

40 years Frozen Shoulder Reversal – BEFORE – Trigenics

40 year Frozen Shoulder Reversal – AFTER – Trigenics

Tennis Elbow, Elbow Tendonitis, Elbow Pain

Bicipital Tendonitis, Shoulder Pain

Patellar Tendonitis, Knee Pain

Cervical Disc Herniation, Neck Pain