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Americans Waking Up to Flu Shot Hoax

Posted on by lknchiropractor


Flu Shot Hoax

The media propaganda machine behind the flu shot and flu season just amazes me.  The fear and urgency they attempt to create around the flu, it’s “dangers”, and the “number of deaths” it causes is laughable.

Thankfully, I think people are starting to catch on.

Today I was in the car headed for a destination 40 minutes away.  My navigator had the radio on and the news was playing.  It was a 5 minute blurb on the flu (hoax).  It said,

“There is still time to get your flu vaccine.  We are only about half way through the most dangerous part of flu season and only 37% of the nation has received a flu shot.”

How Many Get the Flu Shot?

Let’s stop right there.  I said earlier I think people are starting to catch on to the Big Pharma fear mongering flu hoax.  Only 37% of the nation having a flu shot with 50% of the “dangerous” part of flu season over is a win to me.

And look around, do you see dead bodies littering the streets?  Nope.

It gets better, they went on to say:

Even if you get a flu shot, you may still get the flu because it takes up to two weeks for the flu vaccine’s effectiveness to kick in.”

What is in the flu shot?

REALLY?!  So you want me to inject myself with neurotoxins (cause brain damage) and immunotoxins (suppress your immune system and promote cancer) in hope that I don’t throw up and have diarrhea (at worst) for a couple days?  That doesn’t seem like a fair trade to me.  Especially when the flu shot is a giant guess to begin with.  There are 100s of strains of the flu virus and the flu shot contains 3 strains of the possible 100s that may cause the flu in you this year.  The probability that you receive any benefit from the flu shot is nil.  The probability that it harms your body (whether you express outward symptoms of harm or not) is guaranteed.

Lastly, they even said you may still get the flu if you get the flu shot!  So why expose yourself to neurotoxins and immunotoxins for double zero benefit?!  Do you see how stupid this whole fiasco is?  Those poor 37%.  The fell victim to ignorance and fear marketing.  Spread the word.  Save a loved one from the real danger…the flu shot.


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August 4, 2014

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