At Accelerate Chiropractic, we take care of a LOT of low back problems. Chronic low back problems (including hip pain, disc herniations, Sciatica) can be extremely debilitating and tremendously limit the lifestyle of someone who has them.

Many patients who come to us with chronic low back pain problems have been told that they need surgery or have already had a failed back surgery. We pride ourselves on being able to help those who consider us their “last resort.” Most of the low back patients that come to Accelerate Chiropractic have been dealing with pain and loss of function for a significant period of time. We have seen patients that have had multiple failed surgeries, had metal rods inserted into their back, and have had to give up working and hobbies due to their disability.

Dr. Bartemus takes a systems approach to low back patients. Just because the pain is in your low back, doesn’t mean that the cause is in your low back. With many patients who “have been to every doctor”, the problem is elsewhere and has never been addressed due to the medical model’s focus on treating the pain area. Dr. Bartemus examines and assesses the painful area (ie, the low back), but he also examines and assesses the rest of the body. This is because of the FACT that our bodies are a closed system and everything is connected to everything. For example, your low back pain could be caused by anterior head carriage due to texting too much (aka, Text Neck). Or it could be due to a fallen arch on your left foot. Your low back pain could be caused by weak core muscles and/or weak glute muscles.

The point is, if we don’t find and address the true cause, your low back pain will never go away.

After we have done a full assessment we will let you know if you qualify for our chronic low back pain program. If you do, your care program may consist of one or more of the following:

Cold Laser Therapy
Spinal adjustments
Origin/Insertion work on the muscles found to be dysfunctional

If we accept you, our goal of care will be help you avoid surgery, tremendously decrease or completely eliminate pain and improve stability and motion. If for any reason we believe that your problem is too serious for this program to correct we will tell you that.

To schedule an appointment to see if we can help you overcome your back pain, call 704-895-2240.