If you suffer from an autoimmune disease, your immune system is attacking your own tissues (ie. Thyroid, cerebellum, gut, etc.).

Autoimmunity is a case of the immune system losing it’s ability to tell the difference between friend (self/your tissues) and foe (bacteria, virus, fungus, environmental toxins, GMOs, heavy metals, etc.). Your immune system eliminates threats via inflammation. If it is seeing your own tissues as a threat, it is creating inflammation against them which leads to damage and death of the tissue. The specific tissue your immune system attacks is what determines which autoimmune disease you have. For example:

  • Thyroid = Hashimoto’s
  • Nerves = Multiple Sclerosis
  • Kidneys = Lupus

In autoimmunity, your body is destroying tissue as the attack occurs, damaging critical organs.

In order to restore health and minimize damage; as well as limit the snowball effect of one autoimmune disease becoming many, you must eliminate triggers and balance the immune system.

This is what makes us unique: no stone is left unturned to determine the true cause of your health condition.

As listed above (not an all-inclusive list) there can be many different triggers to autoimmunity, so you must run the correct tests to determine the specific trigger(s) that have caused your specific autoimmune disorder.

Dr. Bartemus runs these tests daily on patients and is on the cutting edge of Autoimmune management. Just because your MD has run these tests, does not mean they know how to interpret them and address the disorder.

For example, many “hypothyroid” patients that we have managed tested positive for thyroid antibodies at their MD but were actually mis-diagnosed and mis-managed for years. If your thyroid tissue anti-bodies (TPO &TG) are high, you are suffering from Hashimoto’s disease and NOT hypothyroid. The only way to find out is to test for thyroid tissue antibodies via blood work.

Your immune system could be attacking your nervous system, which would cause pain and/or numbness and/or weakness and/or balance issues and/or vertigo (this is called multiple sclerosis and peripheral neuropathy). The ONLY way to know is to run the right tests.

Gut Dysfunction

Research repeatedly demonstrates that gut dysfunction is a major causal factor in autoimmune disease. We have a whole array of tests available to determine whether you have “Leaky Gut”, Celiac disease, Gluten sensitivity, Chronic infection with bacteria/virus/parasites, and more.

If you are suffering with chronic gas/bloating after meals, constipation, diarrhea, brain fog, etc., it is highly likely that your gut health is compromised and you are at risk for autoimmune disease.

How We’re Different?

We focus on a comprehensive approach for managing the autoimmune patient:

  1. We need to remove the trigger(s) that aggravate the immune system (foods, chemicals, hormonal imbalance, etc.).
  2. We need to calm the existing body-wide inflammatory cascade (with diet & lifestyle changes and specific supplements that down-regulate pro-inflammatory processes and up-regulate anti-inflammatory processes or simply put … we need to decrease the inflammation in your body!
    We need to repair any damage to the gut barrier (and any of the other 4 barriers that are breached). In other words, we need to fix your gut function.
  3. We need to support the damaged autoimmune target organ with specific supplements and/or hormone therapy (as in the case of thyroid and pancreas damage). We need to mediate any abnormal brain and nervous system function with Brain-Based Therapy (functional neurology).

The above is a short description of how we approach supporting autoimmune conditions. Where necessary, we will co-manage your case with your M.D. so that each patient has the best results possible.

If you would like to have more information or to set up a consultation and see how we can help, give us a call at 704-895-2240 to schedule an appointment.